Game of Thrones Modern AU
Time Magazine Edition #1

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Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know


that I’m going to Vancouver tomorrow until September 2nd, so I’m probably going to be a lot less active/inactive, but never fear! Liz, aka sambraddock, will be blog sitting for me. I’ll ask her to post a couple things that are in my drafts, too. She’ll tag everything as ‘liz blogsits’. AND I TOLD HER NO PORN. I’ll be watching, Liz…………

Considering what you’re getting me from the con I’ll even sweep the floor of your blog.

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[CM characters over the years] : Spencer Reid

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Hayao Miyazaki at work, drawing a scene of Ashitaka for Princess Mononoke <3

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You look so hot today, like a sunrise.

Australia’s great love story

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Missy Peregrym’s Online Etiquette Tips For Abigail Breslin (x)

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  • when you’re followed by an empty blog
  • when you’re not a porn blog but followed by one
  • when you’re followed by a blog that doesn’t seem to share similar interests as you
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